Hip Flexor Stretch

The Perfect Dynamic
Warm Up Tool


Available in team colors

and is a

flexibility motivator!

IT Band Stretch

Maximize performance
by targeting hard to reach areas.

Hamstring Stretch

Can be used in either direction

The flat bungee elastic loop
works best for shorter athletes.

The static loops work best for taller athletes
and has a tension lock to adjust for height.

Gluteal Stretch

Assists by targeting
the gluteal area.

Active-Stretch was designed to be used as a warm up tool, using continuous motion, increasing heart rate and blood flow to the targeted muscle groups, and increasing range of motion.

  • 25% Elasticity to 75% Static Webbing Ratio

    The perfect blend to load and unload acceleration while stretching through the entire range of motion which helps prevent over stretching and soreness.

  • Endless Possibilities

    The middle ergonomic handgrips offer endless possibilities for stretching the total body.

  • Secure the Static Webbing Loop

    You can secure the static webbing loop to a fixed point and stretch the upper body.

  • The Perfect Training Tool

    Active-Stretch is the perfect training tool for stretching and is one of the many components of to help maximize performance and prevent injuries.

  • Accommodates All Types of Stretching

    The consensus in Exercise Physiology is that it is more effective to warm up using dynamic stretching.

  • Can be Used in Either Direction

    Wrap your foot through the static loop and pull your leg up by pulling on the foam handgrip on the elastic loop…. Or put your foot in the elastic loop and grab the most comfortable plastic handgrip to pull.

Stretching Options

Active Stretch is available in team colors and is a flexibility motivator!

Many factors go into maximum Performance and we all can agree that Flexibility is one of them. The problem is different athletes have different flexibility needs based on their sporting event. For instance in Track and Field there are sprinters, jumpers, middle distance, long distance,and throwers… Each with unique muscle fiber types and stretching needs. Over time, injuries can occur from repetitive training.


The patent pending design incorporates 3 basic areas with specific purposes:

  • Elastic loop end with foam handgrip
  • Ergonomic plastic handgrips in the middle of the apparatus
  • Static webbing loop


We incorporated the Active-Stretch system into our dynamic warm up routines, added it to our post workout recovery protocol and find it to be a key element in the overall athletic development of healthy track & field athletes across the entire event spectrum.


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